Product Information
Working principle:
Use compressed air to atomize liquid into a diameter of 0.5 micron - 5 micron fog particles, through inhalation, into the respiratory system and deposition, so as to achieve painless, rapid, effective treatment.
Product features:
1. Low noise and long service life;
2. Fine atomized particles;
3. Applicable to all levels of medical institutions;
4. Unique atomizing cup holder design makes it more convenient to place and take atomizing cup;
5. Large heat dissipation hole, excellent heat dissipation effect, longer service time, more durable machine;
6. Simple switch design, simple operation.
technical data
Technical parameters:
Power supply: 220V 50Hz
 Power: 160VA
Pressure: 50 MPA-130MPa
Traffic: 5L/min-10L/min
Noise: ≤60dB